Travel Covid-19 safely with Nickes.Com

Here at Nickes.Com we want to give you five good reasons why you should book with us when you feel ready to travel again. Our motto is simple: "You must be happy before, during and after the trip".


We understand that in these times you want to book your trip safe in the knowledge that you are covered in the event of any potential changes to your plans.

We strongly recommend taking out an appropriate travel insurance to cover your trip. All the major reputable travel insurers have amended their policies to cover eventualities surrounding Covid-19. These can protect you before departure (cancellation protection) and on your trip (travel insurance) if you, a fellow traveller, or close relative becomes ill.

Nickes.Com commits to working closely with event organisers and authorised ticket agents, hotel chains and travel providers (eg airlines) to ensure they meet their obligations and provide flexibility and support should plans have to be altered at a late stage. It is as important to us as it is to you that your trip is a success and, in the very unlikely event changes need to be made, we will do everything possible to support you.

You may pay for your travel package securely with us by credit card, giving you further financial reassurance in the unfortunate event that your trip is unable to proceed.


We would like to draw your attention to the security and benefits of booking a hotel and event tickets package from a tour operator such as Nickes.Com. We are a company with headquarters in Sweden (with a registered office in the UK) that has provided statutory travel guarantees to Kammarkollegiet – the Swedish version of ABTA. This means that, as our customer, you are automatically covered by the Package Travel Law that protects you as a consumer in the case of a tour operator's bankruptcy, etc.

If you book your travel components (hotels, event tickets, etc.) on your own through various suppliers, you will not be covered by the Package Travel Law. This means that you cannot invoke the Package Travel Law in case of a supplier's bankruptcy.


The destinations - Our employees have experience of travelling to many of the destinations we promote. It means that, together with our good relations with tourist agencies and our partners on the ground, we can share a lot of information and advice before departure if needed.

The venue - Our employees have visited major sporting venues many times over the years and have gathered valuable knowledge which we are happy to share with you to make your sports trip extra special.

Tickets - We have been selling sports trips since 1997. Our experience means that we have great knowledge of each stadium, race track or arena and are happy to recommend the best stands and places according to your wishes and budget.

Hotels - With over 20 years of experience, we know which hotels are really good. We only book selected hotels that we know are of a good standard, have nice rooms, that offer a decent breakfast and are in a good location. We work with two of the world's largest hotel wholesalers Webbeds and Hotelbeds. Our contract prices mean that we are usually cheaper than what you may find on hotel comparison websites such as or

Flights - We are happy to help to search and book flights (direct flights or flights with a stopover) according to your wishes and budget. If you want to book the flights on your own, it is completely OK.


Secure tickets - We work directly with event organisers and ticket dealers officially appointed by the event organiser, meaning these are 100% legitimate tickets.

Secure ticket deliveries - Ticket are delivered in the safest way possible before departure. Either the tickets are delivered digitally (E-tickets, mobile tickets) or via secure mail. When booking is close to departure, tickets can be picked up at the arena.


We are always available to help our travellers. You can reach us on our emergency phone 24 hours a day in the unlikely event of urgent problems.


Nickes.Com Team