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Motorsport Travel and Tickets 2021/22

Nickes.Com is your first-choice provider of world-class motorsport experiences. We can bring you closer to the action than many other tour operators at racetracks all over the world!

At Nickes.Com we are constantly working to improve the live experience for our motorsport fans. Over the years, we have completed successful trips to the F1 races in Germany and Belgium (something we continue every season). We have taken our travellers behind the scenes at the German DTM and ensured that motor fans were able to choose from a high-octane range of events in all corners of the world.

The majority of our motor racing fans go to Formula 1 and MotoGP, seeing the stars of the sport at close quarters at destinations across Europe and around the globe. Belgium or Budapest? Abu Dhabi or Singapore? We can take you there! But we can and want to help with much more than that. Rally World Championships, speedway, and Le Mans are just a few options on the list of what we can offer.

Other interesting parts of our repertoire include Formula E – the Formula 1 of electric cars – which is currently on the rise, and the American IndyCar series with the classic Indy 500 race. Speaking of the United States; The NASCAR Race Daytona 500 in Florida in February is a crazy crowd party, and a perfect reason to escape the chilly weather during the winter months.

Racetracks are naturally large arenas, and good logistics are one of the keys to a pleasant stay. We are therefore pleased to have gathered large amounts of information about grandstand options, hotels and transport links over the past 15 years – we use our experience to make your personal experience as positive as possible.

Do you want that little extra, and see motorsport from the inside? You are welcome to contact us with your specific request. We'll put you in pole position.